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Land insurance is a protection service provided by the insurance company for the property you have. Land insurance provides protection for private dwelling houses from various risks such as accidents, natural disasters, fire, damage, riots, and loss.
Home insurance is typically purchased to protect your place of living. In some cases, you may have a mortage assurance such as an Mortage Level Term Assurance (MLTA) or Mortage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). However, those are not sufficient and do not protect your home! They only protect the loans from banks to you, as such, they are closer to life insurance/ takaful than property.
Home or Property Insurance/Takaful is important for you to protect your home against costly damages from unforseen circumstances. Being caught for out-of-pocket expenses in an event of damages or loss of your home and contents can be a disaster.
There are four (4) types of property insurance/takaful with varying types of protection offered. You may choose to purchase in ascending order of coverage:
  1. Fire
  2. Building
  3. Content
  4. Building + Content
So long as you own a home being landed or non-landed, you are elligible!
Please note, your policy may have a different premium depending on the risk factors of your property.
The cheapest policy you can purchase is fire cover. It has a minimal amount of benefits but also has limited premium charge.
There are a number of factors affecting your premium prices. Some of the general items that have an impact on your premium include the coverage type, building type, number of story(s), construction type and coverage amount. Each insurers/ takaful operator also has additional considerations to determine your specific premium.
You may wish to consider what is important for you to protect. For instance, your wealth may be tied up in your home value, in this case, having insurance/ takaful on the home is a wise choice. Separately for contents, if you have many valuable, personal, or high-tech items in your home, having contents insurance/ takaful can give you that extra piece of mind! For a full or comprehensive choice, you may consider building + content insurance/ takaful to cover as much as possible.
Nearly all policies for home and/ or content are for a duration of twelve (12) months or one (1) year. The start duration of the policy begins either from purchase or from an agreed upon time and lasts until expiry. For more information on the exact duration, you may refer to your policy documentation.
Please note that your home and/ or contents insurance/ takaful policy will not cover you for every risk. Typically, it does not cover damage caused by wars or civil commotion. It does not cover if your property is unoccupied for >90 days or if the property is used for commercial purposes. You do have the option to purchase add-ons which extend your cover to specific risks such as theft or subsidence and landslip during your insurance purchase.
You can renew you home policy with Qoala! We just need the following information and we'll have it ready for you:
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  3. Number of Storey(s)
  4. Construction Type
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