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FAQ Car Insurance

Car insurance is a protection service provided by an insurance company for your private car or a vehicle used for business with coverage of protection from various risks that may occur, such as damage due to accidents, natural disasters, fire, riots, and even loss.
Owning car insurance is the best form of protection for your car. Based on data from the Indonesian National Police, the number of traffic accidents in 2019 increased by 3%, with 107.500 traffic accidents, up from 103.672 accidents in 2018. By having car insurance, your car will be protected from the risk of damage caused by accidents, whether light or heavy due to collisions, overturning, skidding, and mired vehicles. Besides, the risk of loss due to theft, damage caused by crime, fire, while on a boat, riots, and natural disasters can also be overcome by having car insurance.
Car insurance benefits include being able to cover car repair costs in case of damage, car protection from accident risks, the risk of loss due to theft, helping to plan finances, and giving you a sense of calm and safety. Enjoy other benefits and facilities such as e-toll bonuses, fuel vouchers, car towing service, and a 24-hour hotline that can help you solve emergency problems.
The first advantage of having car insurance is that it has maximum vehicle protection in maintenance or accidents. Second, there is compensation from the insurance company due to financial losses from the risk of damage, loss, or theft based on the policy's premium payment amount. Third, car insurance is a form of maintenance investment. With competitive car insurance prices, car insurance ownership will make your vehicle more maintained from minor damages, and the selling price of your car will not drop when you want to resell it.
You can buy car insurance through the Qoala App. You have to identify the condition of your car and the location where you use it, choose insurance with a premium that suits your needs and financial abilities, ensure the credibility of the insurance company you will choose, know the service features offered, and check on the partner repair shops. With the Qoala App, you can easily compare various car insurance products, get transparent information, and make online & practical purchases.
One of the reasons for buying car insurance online is that you can save time with the entire process, from transactions, applications, status updates, to online checking with an integrated system. Besides the lower policy costs, with a comprehensive insurance portal, you can freely choose and compare various insurance availability to get access to product reviews as a reference.
The first step to applying for insurance online on the Qoala App is to visit the Car Insurance page. Then, select the car production year, followed by details of your car (brand, type, series, price, area plate). You can take a look and compare, then choose the car insurance product that suits you, whether it's an all risk car insurance or total loss only insurance. Complete the application form and attach all required documents online. Make the payment and wait for the e-policy report to be sent to the e-mail address that you registered. Car insurance will immediately apply when the policy is received. For questions, contact Qoala through WhatsApp, chat, e-mail, or call.
Qoala provides effortless digital policy submission services on the Qoala App, so you don't need to make an agreement with the insurance company to survey the condition of your car. Qoala also provides premium offers with the best insurance packages according to your vehicle needs and a digital claim submission process.
There are no additional fees that Qoala will charge, related to the intermediary services that Qoala provides for you.
Car insurance claims can be made by making a claim report submitted to the insurance company via call center and e-mail. You have to prepare the required documents, such as a copy of identity card (KTP), car document (STNK), driver's license, policy number, evidence of police reports (for loss and vehicle damage due to accidents), and other supporting documents if needed. Claim reports must be reported orally or with a written report within a predetermined period (depending on the respective insurance company) from when the loss occurs.
Qoala assists you in monitoring your claims for free. For car insurance claims, you must report the loss incident you suffered to the insurance company on a working day within 5x24 hours since the incident occurred. Then, you will be assisted by the insurance company's Claims Officer to clarify your incident. You have to attach several photo proofs of the loss to the insurance company's Claims Division. Within 2x24 working hours, you will be contacted by the Surveyor Team of the Insurance Company to make a survey schedule. Then, you will be given instructions to make a claim. Qoala will continue to assist you in monitoring to ensure that the estimated time for processing your request can be completed on time and provide satisfactory results.
When buying a car insurance product at Qoala, you will receive an e-policy after the validation process is completed by the insurance company within a maximum of 3 (three) working day.
The cost of car insurance depends on the basic premium and expansion rate, which is divided into three regions, such as Sumatra and the surrounding islands (Region 1), DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Banten (Region 2), and other regions (Region 3). It also depends on your vehicle category.
The car insurance basic premium can be calculated by the 'Basic Premium = Car Price x Premium Rate (based on category, type of insurance and region)' formula. As an example of a premium price calculation simulation, for a Honda Freed car with a purchase price of IDR 267.000.000 (category 3) in DKI Jakarta (Region 2) Plate B, the all risk car insurance premium paid in one year is IDR 267.000.000 x 2.08% = IDR 5.553.600. Meanwhile, for TLO insurance, the insurance premium paid in one year is IDR 267.000.000 x 0.38% = IDR 1.014.600. For more details, check the all risk car insurance and total loss only (TLO) car insurance premium rates in OJK Letter No. 6/SEOJK.05/2017.
Car insurance extended coverage premium is the premium that you can add to get other benefits from unwanted risks that are not covered in the basic coverage. The way to calculate the expansion premium is by using the 'Extended Coverage Premium = Car Price x Extended Coverage Premium Rate (based on the type of extended coverage selected)' formula. As an example of an extended coverage premium price calculation simulation, for a Honda Freed car with a purchase price of IDR 267.000.000 (category 3) in DKI Jakarta (Region 2) Plate B, the extended coverage premium for additional all risk car insurance paid in one year is IDR 267.000.000 x 0.05% = IDR 13.350.000. While the extended coverage premium for additional TLO insurance paid in one year is IDR 267.000.000 x 0.035% = IDR 9.345.000. The rate of extended coverage premium of this protection varies. To find out more, check the details in OJK Letter No. 6/SEOJK.05/2017.
The extended coverage of car insurance is an additional guarantee for various risks that are not included in the basic coverage of a car insurance product. It covers risks due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, storms, hail, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis & volcanic eruptions, riots, terrorism & sabotage, personal accidents for passengers, legal liability to third parties, as well as legal liability to passengers.
The requirements for car insurance are that you must provide complete car information such as brand, type, series, purchase price, and motor vehicle number. You also have to complete various documents such as a copy of your identity card (KTP/KITAS), copy of your SIM, copy of vehicle registration, photos of the front & back of the vehicle, pictures of the left & right sides of the car, pictures of vehicle dashboards, and pictures of the top of the car.
There are two types of auto insurance offered by insurance companies. First, total loss only car insurance (TLO) that guarantees compensation for total loss or damage of at least 75%. Second, all risk car insurance that provides coverage for compensation or repair costs for partial or complete loss/damage.
Total loss only (TLO) car insurance is an insurance product that offers protection for the car from risks of theft, accident, or fire, which causes damage or loss reaching a minimum of 75% of the market price of the vehicle.
Total loss only (TLO) car insurance includes compensation if the vehicle is damaged by more than 75%. In other words, the condition of the car can no longer be used. It also covers the loss of a vehicle due to theft.
All risk car insurance or comprehensive car insurance is an insurance product that guarantees compensation or the cost of repairs for loss/damage in part or whole on a vehicle that is directly caused by a collision, impact, overturning, slipping, mired, theft, robbery, fire or other traffic accidents.
All risk car insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the minor and major damage, ranging from the risk of collision, scratches, overturning, slipping, falling, traffic accidents, theft, seizure, to fire.
All risk car insurance only provides comprehensive protection for collision, scratches, overturning, slipping, falling, traffic accidents, theft, seizure, and fire. For complete protection, you can add all risk car insurance with expanded benefits with coverage of all risks due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, storms, hail, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis & volcanic eruptions, riots, terrorism & sabotage, personal accidents for passengers, legal liability to third parties, and legal liability to passengers.
You can do a combination of all risk insurance and TLO. For example, if you buy a used car on credit, you can buy an all risk car insurance policy in the first and second years. In the following third year and beyond, you can purchase a TLO car insurance policy. The reason is, a new car will require a higher cost even though it is only minor damage. If the car is getting old, there's nothing wrong with switching to total loss only car insurance.
Learn and understand the description of the terms and conditions in the car insurance policy you choose. If the product has a no claim bonus feature, the car insurance premium can be returned. However, if the insurance company returns the premium without claims, the premium refund can be done in stages. For example, 50% can be redeemed in advance, but the coverage period also will be extended. Remember that the value of the paid premium will decrease due to inflation or a reduction in administrative fees for the past months (prorated).
Generally, showrooms do not directly provide insurance for car purchases in cash or cash. New car insurance can be owned after issuing separate costs. However, suppose you buy a car on credit. In that case, the car you buy will undoubtedly get insurance according to the credit period. So if there is a risk, you can be sure that the vehicle will be repaired with free of charge, whether for the purchase of a new or used car.
The leading insurance institutions or companies that provide car insurance services in Indonesia are Adira Car Insurance, ACA Car Insurance, MAG Car Insurance, Avrist Car Insurance, Malacca Car Insurance, Intra Asia Car Insurance, Tugu Car Insurance, Reliance Car Insurance, and many more.
Many insurance companies offer car insurance in various cities in Indonesia. Generally, insurance companies with high credibility have many branch and representative offices in Indonesia to be closer to their customers and business partners. With an extensive network and supported by quality workshop partners, insurance companies can provide the best car insurance services with reliable experts.
You can still apply for car insurance if the car is classified as old. You have to make sure that it does not exceed the vehicle's age limit determined by the insurance company. Usually, all risk car insurance has a maximum age limit of the car, which is ten years from when it was purchased. As for total loss only (TLO) car insurance, the maximum age limit of the specified vehicle is 15 years.
Calculation of car insurance rates according to Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Letter No. 6/SEOJK.05/2017, the premium rate depends on the location of the motor vehicle issued. It is divided into Region 1 (Sumatra and the surrounding islands), Region 2 (DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Banten), and Region 3 (other than Region 1 and Region 2). Also, car insurance rates are calculated based on the type of insurance selected and the category/type of vehicle with a predetermined percentage of the lower and upper limits.
The loading fee is the cost of increasing car insurance premiums determined by the age of the car. The older, the higher the loading fee. Based on OJK rates, the calculation of loading fees on all risk car insurance for vehicles over five years old will be charged a minimum fee of 5% per year. Meanwhile, for TLO car insurance, the age of the car that will be charged a loading fee is adjusted to the insurance company policy (for example, 5, 10, or 15 years) with a minimum amount of 5% per year. The maximum amount of loading fee depends on the policies and regulations of each insurance company. To calculate a basic premium rate accompanied by a loading fee, you can use the "/ Basic Premium = ((Difference in Vehicle Years x Loading Fee x Premium Rates per Region) + Premium Rates per Region) x Car Prices "/ formula.
A car insurance refund can be done if the car ownership has changed hands or if the insurance company rejects the car insurance application.
Act of God:
losses caused by uncontrollable natural forces

Comprehensive car insurance or all risk car insurance with coverage of all types of risks, such as minor damage, severe damage, to loss

ERA (Emergency Road Assistance)
A service to bring a mechanic to the place where the driver has experienced car damage covered under the insurance policy

Evil deeds
The actions of a person or group of people who intentionally damage the property of others due to revenge, envy, anger or vandalism

Grace period
The period after the premium due date, but the premium can still be paid without interest, and the policy can still be accounted for

Insurance coverage
The purchase price of a vehicle at the commencement of the coverage period and recorded in the insurance policy, which is the maximum liability limit of the insurer in the insurance agreement

A person or company that underwrites an insurance risk

An individual or legal entity with a financial interest in a vehicle and is bound by the guarantor to obtain protection for the vehicle

Market price
The price of the vehicle sold on the free market is obtained, depending on the brand, type, location and the same year of purchase before the risk of loss or damage occurs

Motor vehicle
All types or brands of vehicles, including everything (such as equipment, parts, etc.) that are the object of the consumer financing agreement

Own risk (deductible)
The value of the insured's expense in any loss or damage calculated based on the amount of compensation

Personal accident
Loss caused by a car accident that causes death or permanent disability to the driver and/or passengers

A binding agreement or contract between the insurer and the insured, known as the policyholder, which determines the claims which the insurer is legally required to pay

Money that must be paid at a particular time as an obligation of the insurance policyholder

A collection of information provided by the insurance company about the benefits of the policy that will be given to prospective customers to ensure the product information, such as the number of premiums and terms of coverage

A situation in a city when a large number of people collectively or in small groups creates an atmosphere of disturbance to public order and security with a riot and uses violence and a series of the destruction of large amounts of property, in such a way that there is a general fear, which marked by the cessation of more than half of the normal activities of trade/shopping centers or offices or schools or public transportation in the city for at least 24 hours continuously starting before, during or after the incident

Acts of destroying property or obstructing the smooth running of work or which results in the decrease in the value of a job performed by a person or group of people, either acting alone or on behalf of or relating to an organization or government in an attempt to achieve political, religious, ideological or similar goals. including the intention to influence the government and/or put the public or part of the people in fear

SRCCTS (Strike Riot Civil Commotion Terrorism & Sabotage)
Losses caused by riots, terrorism, and sabotage

Total loss only
Insurance that will only provide coverage for loss due to theft or damage with a loss value of more than 75%

Waiting time
The amount of time an insured must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect

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